Personalized Vaccine Appointment Booking

Personalized Vaccine Appointment Booking

13 September 2021 2:58 am By LocalSkill team

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to register and set up an appointment system for your business. For patients, it takes less than a minute to book an appointment.

Manage Vaccination Appointment Time

Select day, time, and frequency for vaccination according to your staff availability and control the weekly schedule. Our system will help you to manage the daily vaccination schedule if you want vaccine service only at certain times during the day.

One-click option for turning ON or OFF new vaccine appointments.

Running out of vaccine stock or having staffing issues for vaccination? We have availed a quick option to turn ON and turn OFF new appointments where you can manage new appointments by your chosen vaccine type

Track appointments

Our interactive dashboard is interactive and easy to use, it will display all the current as well as upcoming appointments with a single click.

Cost-efficient service

We would like to support each business for its digital needs. Our goal is to provide even the small businesses with all the digital needs so they can compete with big chain pharmacies and provide maximum comfort to their patients. This is the reason our plan starts at as low as $1.00 per day.

Do not have a website?

You can use our website for booking appointments, or our team can help build a custom website for you.

Visit our website to register today and purchase your appointment system.

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